How can RxTro benefit our Medical Practice

RxTro is an online platform that can save you time, give you more control over rep bookings and will create a better experience for GP's within your practice.

RxTro is an online platform that connects reps with medical practices and removes the need for in-person appointment bookings and manual paper calendars. 

We have connected thousands of medical clinics and reps across the country through our digital platform that enables better efficiency through appointment updates in real time and gives more control to practices, as you are still able to decide when reps can book in and when they cannot. 

  • Efficiency through live (real-time) booking updates 
  • The practice can decide which days and times they would like to make available to rep appointments 
  • Appointments can be cancelled in advanced giving other reps the opportunity to book in, eliminating time wasted from no show appointments 
  • GP's can select which reps they would like appointments to be available to 
  • GP's can order resources from any reps via our online portal 
  • The process is the same and as well, you now have more control and better efficiency by avoiding reps coming into your practice!