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How to Sync RxTro with Best Practice - New Set-Up

Sync RxTro with Best Practice so that you can see all of your rep appointments live on your system.

These instructions relate to a new set-up of the synchronization between RxTro and Best Practice. This is applicable if this is -

  1. The first time you have set-up the connection or
  2. You have recently migrated to a new server.

If you are having trouble with your existing connection, please refer to our troubleshooting guide.

Software Requirements

  • The most recent version of Java.

Configure Best Practice

  • Appointments will appear in the Best Practice Calendar for each of the staff that are listed under ‘My Medical Staff’ within the site. It is important that Name and Surname are spelled exactly on both systems.

Please note that including titles such as 'Dr.' in the first name field in RxTro will affect the synchronization. The first name and last name must be an exact match.


  • For clinic appointments, appointments will appear in the appointment book for each doctor that is listed as attending on that day. To modify which doctors are attending, select Clinic Appointment Times > Actions > Edit Attendants

  • Enable BP to accept appointments
    • Within Best Practice select Setup > Configuration > Database
    • Check the Appointments selection for External Data Access as per the image below.

Set up Configuration File

Make a note of this directory as it will be referred to later.

RxTro suggests the C:\Program Files\drugrep-rep-sync\

  • Configure the ‘configuration.properties’ file.
    • If the application is to run on a machine that is not the server which hosts the Best Practice database; replace the ‘dbhost=’ line with the path to your server.
      • Running the application on the same machine that hosts the best practice installation is the default set-up.

  • Replace the surgery= line with the ID of your clinic.
  • This can be found under the ‘My Account’ section of RxTro site.

  • If the application is installed on the same machine that Best Practice database and supports multiple clinics, the individual IDs should be entered separated by a comma only. Ie. 301, 11302
    • In order to add a clinic at a later stage the application should be restarted
  • Replace the location= line with the location id of your clinic. This will be 1 or 2 is most instances.
  • Replace the dbname= line with BPSPatients.

Create a Scheduled Task

  • Open Task Scheduler by clicking the Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools >  double-clicking Task Scheduler.‌
    If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
  • Click the Action menu, and then click Create Task.
  • On the general tab
    • Type a name for the task and an optional description
    • Select Run whether user is logged on or not.
  • Click the Triggers tab and then New.
    • Select On a schedule from the drop down menu Begin the task:
    • Select weekly and three times per week.
    • Click OK.

  • Click the Actions tab and then select New.
    • Leave the default selection from the Action drop down menu as Start a Program.
    • Type bat into the Program/Script
    • Type the full path to the directory that was created in Step 2 and have placed the contents of drug-rep-sync.zip file within into the Start in (optional)

  • Select OK.
  • Best Practice is to use a service account of a user with a password that doesn’t expire. Enter these details to give permission the task.
  • Open Task Manager
  • Right click the task just created and click Run.
  • Navigate to the directory created in Step 2 and open the log file.
  • Verify that the log file states that a queue has been declared with the server for the appointments.


The appointments are not appearing in one doctor’s column.

Check the name of the doctor is spelt identically in RxTro and Best Practice. Once complete, chose ‘Action’s and ‘Resend BP Notification’ when logged into RxTro to resend the message.

When I run the task I am not receiving the prompt to say the application has started.

Run the drugrep.bat file directly from directory you have set-up the program. If you receive an error message reinstall Java.


Please note: It is advisable to install the newest version of Java whilst leaving the older versions. Other applications typically require the older version of Java.


Should you be experiencing difficulties with RxTro linking with Best Practice, please reset your link first and check if this is the issue. 

Upgrades to different software systems can sometimes disconnect the link between the two systems which will not update Best Practice.

Please always refer to RxTro as the most up to date version of rep bookings for the practice.