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How do I set up available appointment times?

You are able to control when and which reps can book into the practices available appointment times in your calendar.

The below outlines the quick and easy steps to setting up your available appointment times for rep bookings. You are able to change these at any time should you wish. 

You have the option to either - 

  1. Nominate a specific time for representatives to book and/or
  2. Nominate a specific time for representatives to book that requires your approval first.
    1. If you are looking to set-up this option, please refer to this knowledge base article.

How to nominate a specific time for representatives to book

  • Log-In to RxTro
  • Click Clinic Appointments then Clinic Appointment Times
  • You will see “My Schedule”

  • Click Add New Appointment Hour - here you can input your new available appointment times as well as select any reps that you wish for these to be made available to 

    New appointment
  • Select from Visitor to only allow certain reps to be able to book into this appointment.
    • For more information refer to How do I control which reps can make appointments?
  • Set up which doctors attend on which day by adding your Attendants that will be available for the meeting.
    • Click Actions > Edit Attendants
    • You can also set timing and date ranges for this appointment as well. 

New appointment 2

Refer here for - How do I 'block out/make unavailable' a range of dates from my calendar?